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InstaCamper Boxes

Convert your vehicle into camper in minutes


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Care free

Worried  with the virus or if you are sharing linens with other hotel guests? Not anymore. Bring your own blanket and pillow and sleep worry free in your own vehicle.


No need to buy a camper or towing a fifth wheel. No permanent modification in your vehicle required. Store the box in the garage after the trip and use your vehicle for regular daily trips.


You are carrying a kitchen in your vehicle. Every camper box models features a kitchen so you can prepare food anywhere you need to. Restaurant stops are now optional. 


No need to sleep in the tent. Sleep in a real bed with mattress. Bed can accommodate two or three persons.

Some models allow portable toilet to be stowed under the bed. No more running to the bathroom at night. 


We guarantee a worry free experience for up to 2 years. Boxes are made with tenon and mortise design. Every parts are precisely cut. We only use high quality and sustainable materials.

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This design features a space for refrigerator or cooler, portable toilet, running tap, sink and stove. 

Table for productivity


The design features a table and benches that kids and adults would love.



Coming soon...

This design is to make your SUV more versatile.