Is it going to fit my minivan? 

What is the actual size of the box? 

I don’t want a refrigerator, is the cooler going to fit in Grand Teton?

What size of fridge that the Grand Teton can fit? 

Am I able to use the faucet when the vehicle is not turned on?

What if I don’t like the quality of the build, can I return it?

Can I return the item if is defective?

Do you deliver in all 50 states?

Our models for minivan are limited to Dodge Caravan, Chrysler Town and Country, Chrysler Pacifica, Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey, Nissan NV and Ford Transit. Tell us what you have and we will find a way to make a camper box for your vehicle. 

Grand  Teton is 46W x 30D x 20H. Total bed length 72"

Arches is 46W x 29D x 14.5H. Total bed length 72"

Yes. The area for the ref or cooler is 15 in x15 in, enough to fit a igloo 48 qt cooler but the slides has to be removed.

Once the slide is installed, you still have 15 in wide x 14 in height x 24 in depth room for your fridge. So most 26 qt models or smaller would fit.

Yes. The submersible water pump is powered by 12V battery. It is actually advisable to use an external battery so you can save your car’s battery this way. 

We don’t want you to keep it if you are not happy with it. Inform us within 7 days and return the unused item to us in the store or ship it to us at your own expense and we will be glad to give you the full refund.

We do our best that every components of your box is in good working condition. Parts failure, however, is possible and at times beyond our control. As stated in the warranty, RiverLeaf will arrange for an exchange of an individual piece or a refund at your discretion if repair is not possible.

Yes, please email for pricing.