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SUV Camper Conversion Kit

Our Story

We love camping, but traditional camper vehicles are very expensive, and may not be good value if you’re not going every weekend. We don’t mind using a tent every once in a while, but sleeping on the ground gets tough fast. RiverLeaf designed camper conversion boxes to bridge the gap between these two experiences, and create a space for non-hardcore campers to feel more comfortable and secure.


Our products provide a quick, affordable, and non-permanent solution to an average consumer’s camping needs. Initial setup takes about 5 minutes, and each subsequent setup or takedown can happen in just 1-2 minutes. They are compact enough to bring along in a minivan or SUV and still leave room for four to five passengers, but durable enough to last for years. 


We are proud to provide the RiverLeaf Camper Conversion Boxes on behalf of everyone who can’t afford or justify the purchase of a big camper. In these tough times, RiverLeaf offers an alternative to expensive hotels, homeshares, and vehicle modifications. In this way, we can provide joy by letting people travel more and collect those life experiences that money just can’t buy. 


These camper boxes are manufactured in the USA from eco-friendly materials. Each of them currently contains a bed space, drawers, kitchen, and an option for a fridge and water system. We stand by the quality of our products, and provide free support when trouble may strike. Whether that RV price is too high, you have a family member who can’t stand tents, or you just want an easy way to get on the road quickly, RiverLeaf can help you.

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