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Terms and Conditions

The buyer must use the boxes, accessories and other related products of RiverLeaf, LLC in accordance with the instructions contained in the use and maintenance manual given to the purchaser at the time of purchase. Consequently, the buyer is solely responsible for damage, breakage or premature deterioration resulting in particular from improper use or inadequate installation.

RiverLeaf, LLC reserves the right to make daily changes to the prices of the range of products without prior notice. Regular prices are valid when the order is placed and are not pre-determined. Should the price information be incorrect or should the price of the article change during the processing of the order, the provider will agree to the buyer’s withdrawal from the purchase while trying to find a solution that will be of mutual satisfaction.

The warranty period begins on the day the items are received by the buyer and it lasts one year for the furniture part and for the built-in elements and accessories such as submersible pump and faucet. Accordingly, in the event that a product is affected by a defect during the warranty period, RiverLeaf will arrange for an exchange of an individual piece or a refund at your discretion if repair is not possible. The warranty will automatically be considered void if the product has been used abnormally or for a purpose other than that for which it is intended;
the product has been exposed to an unsuitable environment or special conditions;
the product has been modified by the purchaser or a third party.

Limitation of Liability:
RiverLeaf InstaCamper Conversion Boxes are designed to fit behind the middle row seats, rear seats  or in the area for the middle row seat depending on the product model. As this does not change the vehicle, no approval of the vehicle is required.

The buyer is solely responsible for the proper attachment of the equipment into the vehicle in any case. Treat the product as a cargo box inside your vehicle, when the item is not properly secured it could move during the drive resulting to injury. Due to the nature of the design, consider every parts of the product as a pinch point hazard. RiverLeaf, LLC shall be in no event liable for any injury of people or vehicles resulting during transportation, installation or use. The buyer is obliged to follow all instructions for use. 

Subject to the terms and conditions hereof, you agree to hold RiverLeaf, LLC harmless and harmless with respect to all remedies of any kind, including, but not limiting the generality of the foregoing, all causes. action, actions, proceedings, lawsuits or claims that may be presented, brought or invoked against RiverLeaf, LLC, its employees, officers, directors and any other representatives on your behalf, on behalf of your heirs, liquidators, executors, insurers and assigns, or by any third party in relation to i) any bodily injury, including in particular any injury, illness or death and ii) any material injury, including in particular any material damage or expense of any kind, regardless of the manner in which these causes of action, actions, proceedings, lawsuits or demands arise, whether unforeseen or anticipated, arising out of your purchase and / or use of RiverLeaf products.


If you are not entirely happy with your purchase you can return it in its original condition to qualify for refund. To do this you must inform us within 7 days of receipt and email customer services at For all returns, except where the item is faulty, you pay the cost of the return shipping. We suggest LTL shipping on a pallet to reduce chance of damage. We are not responsible for the damage due to mishandling by the courier company during return shipment. Once received, we will perform a thorough check to make sure that all the components are in good condition. We will then process your refund minus 10% handling fee and credit card fee. For on site pick up and return we may be able to give you the full refund.   If you are wishing to return faulty items, email within 7 days of receipt.

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